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Hagstrom 8-String Custom Gauge Nickel Wound Electric Bass String Set [15-95]

Hagstrom 8-String Custom Gauge Nickel Wound Electric Bass String Set [15-95]


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Strings for the Hagstrom HB-8 bass (also fits "Vintage" Hagstrom H8 basses)

Hagstrom was the world's first instrument manufacturer to offer an electric eight string bass, which quickly spawned many multi-stringed bass rivals. The bass was only manufactured between 1967 and 1969, where a total of 2,249 were produced. The strings were set in pairs, each being tuned an octave from each other. The bass was built to be played like a regular four string bass providing a luscious, large tone. It was of course possible to tune in 5ths or in many other intervals.

There are very few instruments which have influenced classic rock music quite like the Hagstrom eight string bass. The bass was famously used by such players such as Jimi Hendrix and Noel Redding. These instruments were purchased by the band in 1967 during the band's American tour. Noel Redding then used the bass on their 1967 album Axis:Bold as Love, prominently on the tracks "Spanish Castle Magic," "You've got me Floating" and "Little Miss Lover".

After quitting a tour with The Monkees, the Jimi Hendrix Experience had a few weeks off for themselves. Jimi then hung out with his old band mates Curtis Knight and the Squires. Needless to say, they jammed and recorded some famous, and rare tracks during those sessions. These tunes featured Jimi Hendrix on guitar, with some wah-wah fuelled psychedelic tracks, while also playing a Hagstrom eight string bass on some tunes. We at Hagstrom are pleased to offer you premium strings for your newly produced Hagstrom HB-8 bass and for the original classic as well.

HB-8 8 String Long Scale 15-95 Nickel Wound String Set Gauges:
1st G [.040]
2nd G [.015]
3rd D [.055]
4th D [.025]
5th A [.070]
6th A [.040]
7th E [.095]
8th E [.055]

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