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Sansamp VT Bass Rackmount

Sansamp VT Bass Rackmount


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SansAmp Para Driver DI
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SansAmp Para Driver DI
The VT Bass rackmount is an expanded version of our popular VT Bass pedal. In addition to Drive, Character and active EQ controls, this single space format incorporates a Blend control to adjust the amount and balance of direct instrument signal With the SansAmp circuitry. There’s also an XLR Output Level control for optimum performance With PA systems. Other features include an Effect Loop With a Mix 50/50 switch (for parallel or series operation), an XLR output With selectable levels, and a buffered direct XLR output to provide a dry signal.

Sample settings in the manual include: SVT®-style, Fat Tube, Flip Top-style, Rage, Thumpy Funk, Fuzzed out, Warm Compression, and Yes-style

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