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TECH 21 Boost Compressor Pedal

TECH 21 Boost Compressor Pedal


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Tech 21 Boost R.V.B.

When you want to fatten your guitar or bass tone, increase sustain and punch up your sound, a compressor is a way to go. But compressors can dredge up feelings of compromise, confusion, frustration and intimidation. So we set out to make a player-friendly pedal utilizing old school, all-analog, FET-based technology, which is inherently warmer, more transparent, and more musical than other methods.

With simplified, useful controls, the Boost COMP uniquely gives you pre- and post- tone shaping adjustability to get the Right balance that complements your instrument and playing style. Presence provides a pre-compression tonal boost for high-end string attack and clarity. Tone provides a post-compression cut or boost to generate a mellower, more lush tone Without getting too dark.

When it’s time to jump out, a powerful boost function delivers up to 21dB of clean boost to increase your output level --Without adding more compression. A true post-boost, this function can also be used independently.

Uncomplicated means less stress and more focus on your playing. Get vintage warmth, dynamics and sustain the easy way With the Boost COMP.

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Tech 21 Roto Choir
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• Operable With 9V alkaline battery (not included) or optional DC power supply 


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