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TECH 21 Boost Fuzz Overdrive Pedal

TECH 21 Boost Fuzz Overdrive Pedal


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It goes by many names, comes in many flavors and they’re all good. Unfortunately, finding that sweet spot isn’t so easy With vintage pedals. You need to deal With noise, signal loss, tones that can change With battery life and even the temperature on stage. Some of those old Germanium-powered effects are more sensitive than a train-car of nitro.

Tech 21’s all-analog circuitry squeezes Righteous, vintage tones out of every Boost Series pedal With modern dependability. Designed and built from the ground up utilizing the best individually-selected, hand-biased discreet components, each unit delivers optimized performance With studio-quiet operation. And we call them Boost pedals for a reason. ALongside a wealth of hot driven tones, there is a powerful boost function that delivers up to an incredible 21dB of clean boost, which can be used independently from the effect. It is a true post-boost, punching up the tone you dialed in, not smothering it in unwanted distortion. From the high-impedance input to the sweepable low-pass filter in the tone control, your tone will be open and controllable in every setting.


Note: This video was shot using the original version. Only the graphics have changed for 2014.

  Tech 21 Boost Overdrive
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Tech 21 Bass Boost Fuzz


New look for 2014, With same features and functionality.

Putting an overdrive pedal in front of a hard-pushed amp has been the secret weapon for generations of guitarists wanting to punch up the midrange and add sustain. The Boost Overdrive is packed With voluminous amounts of screamin’ tone. Just hit the Boost switch to go bigger and badder. The unique SPARKLE control adds upper harmonics for an open, snappy sound.
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