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TECH 21 Roto Choir

TECH 21 Roto Choir


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Tech 21 Boost R.V.B.

No musician can deny the deep, swirling glory of a vintage rotating speaker cabinet, that uniquely lush, pulsing tone that brings any instrument to life. So, why doesn't everyone use one? Because they are the size and weight of a bulky refrigerator, cost big bucks and are more high-maintenance than a platinum diva.

But, imagine getting all of that inspiringly rich modulation With cutting-edge features in a studio-quiet, road-worthy pedal. Just one little pedal. Now imagine you can use that pedal With guitar and to record direct.

The Roto Choir recreates both the rotating lower speaker and the treble rotor horn --the only way to attain that complex, multi-dimensional tone. In fact, the Roto Choir utilizes a specifically formulated SansAmp technology to deliver the entire signal chain --from the original tube power amp to the speaker and high-frequency rotor horn, to the microphone used to capture it. This is HD, 3D emulation.

The simple controls hide a wealth of options. Drive adds just the Right amount of compression, harmonics and grit. Low and High sculpt the tube amp emulation With powerful EQ curves. The Fast/Slow footswitch allows users to ramp up, slow down or even stop the rotating speaker. There's also a dedicated control to custom set the Top Speed of your rotor. Want to vary the intensity of the effect? Simply adjust the Position control to move the Roto Choir's virtual mic closer or further from the horns. Other features include a biamped/single-speaker mode switch, stereo output and a Speaker Sim switch for direct recording.

Find the easy way to celestial sounds you can get lost in With the Roto Choir.


Sample settings include such styles as Badge©, Angel©, Neutral Spin, Cold Shot©, Organ Sim-Guitar, Clean Swirl, Standard Leslie®, Ultra Wide Pan/Trem.

©CopyRight and ®Registered trademarks of their respective companies. Names of sample settings are for descriptive purposes only and should not be construed as an endorsement or affiliation With any companies, products, songs or artists named.


tec award
2011 TEC Award Nominee for Technical Excellence & Creativity in the category of Outstanding Technical Achievement, Musical Instrument Amplification & Effects Technology.
Tech 21 Roto Choir
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•Highly sensitive and interactive controls provide a broader range of tweakability and maximum flexibility.
• 1megOhm high-impedance 1/4” input.
• 1kOhm low-impedance 1/4” output drives Long cables Without loss of signal integrity, even in bypass.
• Custom, silent-switching actuator.
• Buffered bypass eliminates the shortcomings associated With “true bypass” (pops and clicks, and high-end loss when multiple pedals are connected together), as well as signal loss associated With other types of switching circuits.
• Heavy duty, all metal construction.
• Operable With 9V alkaline battery (not included) or optional DC power supply 
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