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Swedish Excellence in Every Strum

Here are ten well-known musicians who have played Hagstrom guitars.

    1. Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top) - Hagstrom Swede Patch 2000
    2. Jimi Hendrix - Hagstrom H-8 Bass
    3. Elvis Presley - Hagstrom Viking II
    4. Frank Zappa - Hagstrom III
    5. Dweezil Zappa - Hagstrom Viking
    6. David Bowie - Hagstrom Viking I
    7. Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) - Hagstrom II
    8. Pat Smear (Foo Fighters) - Hagstrom Pat Smear
    9. Björn Ulvaeus (ABBA) - Hagstrom Swede
    10. Tim Armstrong (Rancid) - Hagstrom Viking
The Hagstrom Story Since 2007

Since the 2007 revival of Hagstrom guitars, the brand has reestablished itself as a significant player in the guitar market by blending vintage charm with modern advancements. Here is a comprehensive overview of developments, including recent models and series.

  1. Revival and Production:
    • Hagstrom guitars were reintroduced in 2007 by Tricor AB in collaboration with Jam Industries. Production was moved to China to ensure quality while keeping costs manageable.
  2. Models and Series:
    • Vintage Series: These are modern interpretations of classic Hagstrom designs from the 1960s and 1970s. Key models include:

      • Viking: A semi-hollow body guitar known for its versatility.
      • Swede and Super Swede: Solid-body guitars with a strong following for their rich tone and sustain.
    • Ultralux Series: Featuring ultra-thin necks and fast action, these guitars cater to modern players seeking enhanced playability. Models include:

      • Ultralux Ultra Swede: A modern take on the classic Swede with a slimmer profile and lighter weight.
    • Retroscape Series: Inspired by Hagstrom’s iconic guitars from the past, updated with modern features. Notable models are:

      • Impala and Condor: Reissues of 1960s designs with contemporary upgrades.
    • Fantomen Series: Developed in collaboration with the band Ghost, these guitars blend unique body shapes with modern performance features.

  3. Innovations:
    • Resinator Wood: Used for fingerboards, this composite material offers consistency, stability, and enhanced sustain compared to traditional wood.
    • H-Expander Truss Rod: This unique design allows for a thin neck profile while maintaining strength and stability, ensuring the neck remains straight and playable under various conditions.
  4. Recent Models and Series:
    • Alvar: A smaller, more compact version of the Viking, designed for players who prefer a lighter and more manageable instrument without sacrificing tone.
    • Tremar Series: These guitars include models like the Viking Deluxe Tremar and Super Swede Tremar, featuring Hagstrom’s own Tremar vibrato system for enhanced playability and expression.
    • Fantomen: This model, created in collaboration with the band Ghost, offers a unique body shape, long scale length, and powerful tone, blending modern and classic design elements.
    • Ultra Max: An evolution of the Ultra Swede, this guitar features a carved top, set neck, and custom-wound pickups, offering a modern twist on a classic design.
    • H-III and H-II: These models are modern reissues of Hagstrom’s classic H-series from the 1960s, featuring updated electronics and improved playability.
  5. Collaborations and Special Editions:
    • Hagstrom has released several limited edition and signature models in collaboration with notable artists, which often feature unique specifications and aesthetics tailored to the artist’s preferences.
  6. Bass Guitars:
    • Viking Bass: Known for its distinctive tone and ergonomic design.
    • H8-II: A modern take on the iconic 8-string bass guitar, offering a unique sound palette.
Recognition and Popularity:

Since the 2007 revival, Hagstrom guitars have regained a solid reputation for quality, playability, and distinctive design. Musicians across various genres appreciate their blend of vintage aesthetics and modern features. The brand continues to innovate, ensuring its instruments meet the evolving needs of contemporary guitarists.


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