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Hagstrom Viking Semi-Hollow Guitar in White Gloss

Hagstrom Viking Semi-Hollow Guitar in White Gloss


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The Hagstrom Viking Semi-Hollow Guitar in White Gloss offers a sleek and visually striking appearance. Its semi-hollow design provides a rich and versatile tone. With high-quality craftsmanship and playability, it is a reliable choice for musicians looking for both style and performance.

5 notable players of the Hagstrom Viking

1. Elvis Presley: The King of Rock 'n' Roll himself, Elvis Presley, prominently played a white Hagstrom Viking during his performances in the late 1960s. His use of the guitar added to its iconic status and contributed to its popularity.

2. Pat Smear: The versatile guitarist, known for his work with bands like Nirvana and Foo Fighters, has showcased his skills on the Hagstrom Viking, demonstrating its capabilities across different genres.

3. Dave Gregory: Formerly a member of the influential band XTC, Dave Gregory has utilized the Hagstrom Viking to deliver creative and expressive guitar playing, showcasing its unique sound and versatility.

4. Carl Barât: Co-frontman of The Libertines, Carl Barât, has frequently used the Hagstrom Viking, contributing to the band's distinctive sound and energetic live performances.

5. Pelle Almqvist: Lead singer and guitarist of The Hives, Pelle Almqvist, has incorporated the Hagstrom Viking into the band's garage rock and alternative sound, making use of its dynamic range and stage presence.

These notable players, including the legendary Elvis Presley, have all utilized the Hagstrom Viking to enhance their performances and showcase the guitar's unique qualities in various genres of music.


All Hagstrom electric guitars and basses include our patented H-Expander truss rod. Providing tension at both ends and running the entire length of the neck, the rigid yet light-weight alloy truss rod allows for a very low action and thin neck, two factors that were instrumental in earning Hagstrom its reputation as the world’s fastest playing guitar. The H-Expander truss rod not only provides ultimate neck stability, but it also contributes to Hagstrom’s unique tone. Longer sustain and a round attack are some of the sonic characteristics the H-Expander adds to the tonal essence of Hagstrom.

Trapeze Stringholder/Tailpiece
The classic Viking trapeze stringholder/-tailpiece design, is a work of art in itself.
Right underneath the top part, where the two beautifully swept beams meet, it features a string claw for easy access and super comfortable string changes. Adorned with the legendary Hagstrom crest it truly is elegance defined.

Set Neck
Hagstrom uses a variety of different neck joints throughout our range. Our set-neck recipe is the classic and time-tested Mortise and Tenon joint, a design that most efficiently transfers string energy from neck to body, and can often only be found on more expensive custom-built guitars. A team of experienced and dedicated craftsmen hand carves every neck joint, insuring perfect execution of this traditional technique preferred by luthiers for generations.

Resinator Wood
Resinator wood is a wood composite material that is both more uniform in density and more stable than any standard wood product. These characteristics eliminate dead spots or "wolf tones" sometimes associated with conventional wood fingerboards. Resinator wood has an articulate sound similar to high quality ebony, but without any of the problems associated with ebony. It provides a stable and clear tone, and also adds higher overtones and harmonics which uniquely detail each note. Like our H-Expander truss rod, Resinator wood is a major contributor to the distinctive "Hagstrom tone".

Hagstrom Machine Heads
Hagstrom models use 18:1 or 15:1 gear ratio machine heads based on our own designs to insure accurate tuning. Viking and HB series basses feature machine heads with a 17:1 gear ratio.

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