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Crafting Harmony with Quality and Innovation

Tanglewood Guitars, a revered British acoustic guitar manufacturer established in 1988, is synonymous with crafting premium instruments that prioritize craftsmanship and affordability. With a diverse collection spanning acoustic and acoustic-electric guitars, Tanglewood caters to musicians of all levels and genres.

Renowned for their dedication to quality tonewoods and meticulous construction techniques, Tanglewood guitars boast solid tops and exceptional playability, delivering warm, balanced tones. The brand's innovative designs encompass various body shapes, finishes, and features, ensuring a tailored fit for every musician.

Beyond quality, Tanglewood prioritizes sustainability, sourcing materials responsibly to appeal to eco-conscious consumers. Blendings traditional artistry with contemporary advancements, Tanglewood remains a global favorite among guitarists.

Expanding their repertoire to include banjos and mandolins, Tanglewood Folk Instruments offers a comprehensive lineup for folk musicians. With an unwavering commitment to capturing the essence of folk music, Tanglewood stands as the premier choice for resonant, high-quality instruments across the folk spectrum.

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