About Us

Our Story – Gig Guitars

GIG Guitars sources, advises, and sells new, used and vintage guitars, equipment and other string instruments including banjos, mandolins and ukuleles across a wide range of brands, materials, and sizes.

We also provide all the equipment and accessories including amps, music stands, wireless systems, tuners and metronomes, pedals, microphones, PA systems, recording bundles, headphones, and mixing desks.

We believe that choosing the right instrument for you is a personal experience and we can advise you on the best instrument to continue or start your musical journey.

Want a new sound or to add to your collection?

Our range of guitars include acoustic, electric, bass, classical, hollow body and jazz.


We also stock left-handed guitars and accessories.

Just starting out?

Our range and service philosophy will enable you to find the best instrument for you, no matter where you are on your musical journey.

Looking to buy a particular brand name?

Our range of new guitars includes brands Aria, Badger, Casino, Takamine, Hagstrom, J&D Luthiers, Ibanez, Martinez, Mojo, Sanchez, Tanglewood and Timberidge.

Prefer to buy used or vintage guitars?

Our range is continuously changing as we source used and vintage guitars and equipment from across Australia. Our reputation is built on trust. We ensure that any of our used or vintage instruments, equipment or accessories are checked and reconditioned where needed.

Our Philosophy

We’re committed to finding YOUR instrument, and we can do this individually through our in-store experience to ensure that what you take home, you want to pick up every day.

We focus on leveraging your senses to find the right instrument for you. Our belief is that you need to fall in love with the look of your new instrument. We encourage you to SEE the aesthetic, look at the shape, the colour, it’s features and

Then we focus on how it feels to you. TOUCH it, try it on, does it feel comfortable? Does it make you want to play? Just like buying a car if you don’t enjoy driving it, why would you buy it?

HEAR it – now it’s time to play, and yes, our in-store experience enables you to sit, relax and play your instrument for as long as you like. Do you love the sound? Does the sound compliment your collection, your type of music?

We encourage you to consider all brands, not just the most popular ones. Every instrument is unique, so our philosophy enables you to leave the brand until last. Of course, we all have preferences regarding brands, but some, especially limited editions or vintage guitars, whilst they may hold their value, they may not have the features that others have. This is where our experience can guide you to make your decision.

GIG Guitars is also a meeting place, we encourage all musicians, whether you are a
professional guitarist, singer, or just starting out to visit us in-store.

“We have some very talented local artists that meet at our store for open sessions which we encourage so they can learn from each other.” Rico.

Our store is often the accidental host of a music session, and we also arrange open sessions for anyone interested in music. This is a great opportunity for locals and visitors to meet new people and connect around their love of music.

About Our Founder – Rico

GIG Guitars became our name back in 2018 as a short cut for Glen Innes Guitars. It’s not surprising that our local musos shorted it to GIG, so we went with it.

Enrico (pronounced ‘Rico’ in Australian) is the man behind the shop and meeting place, in Glen Innes Highlands, NSW. Having an Italian name and heritage hailing originally from New Zealand before landing in Australia, his love of music began the day he picked up his uncle’s acoustic guitar at the age of 8.

Rico’s passion for music evolved after high school and moving to Australia in 1984 and he continued to pick up his guitars and just play, no band, no sheet music, just the sound of a song he liked. Influenced by bands such as Split Ends, INXS and Cold Chisel his love of classical music grew more broadly.

“I love playing Ava Maria on my K Yairi Classical Electric Guitar 1993 CY127CE Slim Body guitar when I’m feeling reflective, the pace and the tone is my perfect for my brain to process. But when I’m charged up I love going loud playing zz top la grange on my new Hagstrom Ultra Max” Rico.

Rico’s curiosity about guitars and his love for rock, blues and classical music led to 56 guitars straddled around his house – from acoustic to electric, collector and vintage – Rico has experienced a wide range of guitars.

“The only guitar I regret selling was a 1979 Fender Stratocaster Hardtail, it turned heads when we would play it in store.” Rico.

On the advice of his wife – the best thing that has ever happened to him – Rico started to sell some of his collection through socials and markets. This was when the realisation hit that people wanted to connect with others and there was an opportunity to not only sell guitars, equipment, and other instruments, but to be able to help people find the right instrument for them.

“Murphy’s Pigs come into the store each year when they are performing as a part of the Australian Celtic Festival, great musicians, and great people. They always stay around in the store and it’s a great opportunity to hear and learn from some of the best bands in Australia” Rico.

Rico still has a huge personal collection and through GIG Guitars supports the local
community by sponsoring organisations and events and donating instruments for worthy causes. As a self-taught musician he is dedicated to a thriving local music scene and supporting local musicians as well as those travelling to Glen Innes Highlands