Collection: Champion

  1. Cleaning Kits: These kits often include various cleaning tools such as swabs, brushes, cleaning rods, cloths, and cleaning solutions or lubricants specific to the instrument.

  2. Swabs and Brushes: Instrument-specific swabs and brushes are used to clean the inside and outside of various parts of the instrument, such as the bore, keys, valves, and slides.

  3. Polishing Cloths: Specialized polishing cloths are available for removing fingerprints, dirt, and grime from the surfaces of instruments without causing any damage.

  4. Lubricants and Oils: These are used to lubricate the moving parts of instruments like valves, slides, and keys, ensuring smooth operation and preventing corrosion.

  5. Instrument Cases and Covers: Protective cases and covers designed for orchestral instruments help keep them safe during transportation and storage, preventing scratches and other damage.

  6. Humidity Control Products: For instruments like violins and cellos, humidity control systems or products can help maintain optimal humidity levels, protecting the instrument from damage caused by fluctuations in humidity.

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