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Takamine GC1 Series Left Handed Acoustic Classical Guitar

Takamine GC1 Series Left Handed Acoustic Classical Guitar


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"Nylon String Delight: TGC1 Classical Guitar - Affordable Elegance for Exquisite Sound."


The left-handed variant of the TGC1 is a visually appealing classical acoustic guitar designed specifically for left-handed players, offering them the opportunity to experience the beauty of nylon string sound. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this guitar surpasses expectations with its remarkable performance, especially considering its affordable price.

The TGC1 boasts a meticulously constructed body, featuring a select spruce top and mahogany back and sides that are expertly braced in a fan pattern. This combination contributes to the guitar's ability to produce a rich, balanced, and resonant sound. Whether you're strumming chords or plucking melodies, this instrument delivers a delightful tonal palette.

In addition to its impressive tonal qualities, the TGC1 prioritizes player comfort. Its mahogany neck provides a comfortable grip, ensuring effortless movement up and down the fretboard. The fingerboard, made from laurel, further enhances the playability of this guitar, allowing for smooth and precise finger placement.

Overall, the left-handed TGC1 is a remarkable classical acoustic guitar that combines affordability with exceptional performance. It is a testament to the craftsmanship and dedication to quality that goes into creating instruments for left-handed musicians, offering them an instrument that exceeds their expectations and allows them to fully express their musicality.


The left-handed variant of the TGC1 classical acoustic guitar offers an array of impressive features:

- Dovetail neck joint for enhanced stability and resonance.
- Beautiful inlaid mosaic rosette adds a touch of artistic elegance.
- Synthetic bone nut and bridge saddle for improved sustain and tone.
- Laurel headcap provides a refined and stylish look.
- Chrome tuners with white pearl buttons ensure precise and reliable tuning.
- Elegant gloss finish enhances the guitar's visual appeal.

With these exceptional features, the left-handed TGC1 is a remarkable choice that combines aesthetics, functionality, and affordability, allowing left-handed players to explore the world of classical guitar with confidence and satisfaction.


Product Information:
- UPC/EAN: 190262042181
- Brand: Takamine
- Type: 4/4 Size Classical Guitars
- Type: Left Handed Guitars
- Series: Takamine G Series

- Body Shape: Classical 4/4
- Finish: Natural Gloss
- Body Top: Spruce
- Body Back: Mahogany
- Body Sides: Mahogany
- Neck: Mahogany with Dovetail Neck Joint
- Fretboard: Laurel
- Scale Length: 648 mm
- Nut Width: 51 mm
- Machine Heads: Chrome with White Pearl Buttons
- Bridge: Laurel with Synthetic Bone Saddle
- Rosette: Inlaid Mosaic
- Electronics: None
- Unique Features: Left Handed, Laurel Headcap

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