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2014 Gibson 120th Anniversary LPJ Made in USA

2014 Gibson 120th Anniversary LPJ Made in USA


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The Gibson LPJ 120th Anniversary was a limited-edition guitar model released by Gibson in 2014 to celebrate their 120th anniversary as a company. The LPJ stands for "Les Paul Junior," which is a model known for its simplicity and raw tone. The LPJ 120th Anniversary was designed to be a more affordable version of the classic Les Paul Junior model.


1. Body and Neck: The guitar featured a solid mahogany body and a glued-in mahogany neck. The body had a flat top design, similar to the Les Paul Junior, giving it a minimalist appearance.

2. Finish: The LPJ 120th Anniversary was available in two finishes: Vintage Sunburst and Satin Cherry. Both finishes showcased the natural wood grain of the mahogany body.

3. Pickups: It came equipped with a pair of Gibson's 1961 Zebra Coil (Alnico V) humbucking pickups. These pickups offered Classic Gibson tone with clarity and punch.

4. Hardware: The LPJ 120th Anniversary had chrome hardware, including a Tune-O-Matic bridge and stopbar tailpiece for solid tuning stability and sustain. The guitar featured vintage-style tuners with green "tulip" buttons.

5. Electronics and Controls: It had a straightforward control layout with a three-way pickup selector switch, individual volume and tone controls for each pickup, and traditional speed knobs for adjusting the settings.

6. 120th Anniversary Inlay: To commemorate Gibson's 120 years in the business, the guitar featured a special 120th Anniversary inlay on the 12th fret.

Overall, the Gibson LPJ 120th Anniversary was a stripped-down and affordable version of the classic Les Paul Junior, providing players with a no-frills approach to tone and performance. Its simplicity and powerful pickups made it a popular choice among players who favored a straightforward rock 'n' roll sound.


- Body: Mahogany /"Traditional" weight relief
- Top: Maple top / Mahogany back
- Neck: Maple, 50's Rounded Profile
- Fingerboard: Rosewood Trapezoid Inlays with 120th Anniversary logo
- Nut Material: White TekToid
- Width: 1.695"
- Hardware: Satin Chrome Tune-o-Matic, Larger strap pins
- Tuners: Vintage with Perloid Buttons
- Plating: Nickel
- Tuning Ratio: 14:1
- Type: Tune-o-matic, Chrome
- Tailpiece: Stopbar
- Electronics: '61 Zebra Humbucker (Alnico V)
- Potentiometers: 2 Volume Controls, 2 Tone Controls
- Type: 500K Non-Linear
- Toggle Switch: Three-way Switchcraft with Black Plastic Tip
- Output Jacks: 1/4" mono
- Finish: 20 Sheen Ultra smooth satin
- Plastics: Black Max Grip Speed Knobs


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