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Hagstrom "Justin York" Viking Semi-Hollow Guitar Gold Top | Free Delivery

Hagstrom "Justin York" Viking Semi-Hollow Guitar Gold Top | Free Delivery


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“When I dreamed up these guitars I knew they had to have vintage vibe and familiarity along with modern player features to deliver the most tonally diverse guitars possible on stage and in the studio. I basically took elements from my six favorite Hagstroms and proposed something I’ve always wanted... the ability to cut muddy bass with the turn of a knob. I use it to clean up a neck pickup or give my bridge a little retro bite. It really opens up new tones I’ve never experienced before from a semi-hollowbody, and I couldn’t be happier with how these guitars turned out.”
- Justin York

In 2012 Justin York purchased a Hagstrom Viking to use on tour with Paramore, and the rest of the story is history. He has since become a true partner and friend to Hagstrom. When Paramore was preparing for extensive international touring to support their recent album, we began discussions about what an ideal set of touring guitars might be for him. After more than one year of collaboration, the result is a pair of Vikings that Hagstrom is proud to introduce to guitarists worldwide.

As primary touring guitarist for Paramore, Justin’s role is to provide the supporting foundation of the band’s guitar sounds for each song. A band with a rich history like Paramore requires a broad range of guitar styles and textures. So, one of our main objectives was to create instruments with a broad tonal range easily accessible during a stage performance, a task Hagstrom is more than equal to.

Justin’s Viking Gold Top starts with our classic Viking semi-hollow platform to which a classic vintage-style gold finish is applied. Justin loves Hagstrom’s thinner neck profiles, so we developed our “Ultra-Thin”, 17mm neck profile for his guitars. Vintage-style “witch hat” knobs, same as used on our RetroScape models, complete the “vintage vibe” this guitar oozes. A Hagstrom Custom 58 humbucking pickup in the bridge position provides classic rock tones, and when Justin wants to go slightly softer the HJ-50 humbucker in the neck position gets him there in smooth, elegant style. Individual coil-split is available via push/pull tone controls providing an expansive sonic palette.

The tone control is often a source of frustration for guitarists. This is because the design has historically been based on a passive treble-cut concept. The complete tonal spectrum is passed through the circuit when the control is fully open, and as it’s dialed down treble frequencies are eliminated. Many guitarists find this approach unusable, since the tone often becomes muddy and excessively “dark” as the treble component is eliminated. Working with Justin we have developed a tone control which does the exact opposite.

Instead of filtering treble frequencies, we filter the bass as the control is cut. The full treble spectrum is always available, and the tone control performs a bass-cut function. Justin finds this is much more useable on stage, and we think all Hagstrom guitarists will too.



1. Albert King: The late Albert King, a highly influential blues guitarist, was known for his distinctive playing style and his use of a Hagstrom Concord model guitar. He achieved great success in the 1960s and 1970s and remains one of the most revered blues guitarists of all time.

2. Jimi Hendrix: The legendary Jimi Hendrix, widely regarded as one of the greatest guitarists in history, occasionally played a Hagstrom Kent model early in his career.


All Hagstrom electric guitars and basses include our patented H-Expander truss rod. Providing tension at both ends and running the entire length of the neck, the rigid yet light-weight alloy truss rod allows for a very low action and thin neck, two factors that were instrumental in earning Hagstrom its reputation as the world’s fastest playing guitar. The H-Expander truss rod not only provides ultimate neck stability, but it also contributes to Hagstrom’s unique tone. Longer sustain and a round attack are some of the sonic characteristics the H-Expander adds to the tonal essence of Hagstrom.

Set Neck
Hagstrom uses a variety of different neck joints throughout our range. Our set-neck recipe is the classic and time-tested Mortise and Tenon joint, a design that most efficiently transfers string energy from neck to body, and can often only be found on more expensive custom-built guitars. A team of experienced and dedicated craftsmen hand carves every neck joint, insuring perfect execution of this traditional technique preferred by luthiers for generations.

Resinator Wood
Resinator wood is a wood composite material that is both more uniform in density and more stable than any standard wood product. These characteristics eliminate dead spots or "wolf tones" sometimes associated with conventional wood fingerboards. Resinator wood has an articulate sound similar to high quality ebony, but without any of the problems associated with ebony. It provides a stable and clear tone, and also adds higher overtones and harmonics which uniquely detail each note. Like our H-Expander truss rod, Resinator wood is a major contributor to the distinctive "Hagstrom tone".

Hagstrom Machine Heads
Hagstrom models use 18:1 or 15:1 gear ratio machine heads based on our own designs to insure accurate tuning. Viking and HB series basses feature machine heads with a 17:1 gear ratio.


The following is a list of features commonly found on the Hagstrom Super Viking electric guitar:

1. Semi-hollow body construction: The Super Viking features a semi-hollow body design, typically with a maple top, back, and sides. This construction enhances resonance and adds warmth to the guitar's tone.

2. Extended scale length: The Super Viking typically has an extended 25.5" scale length, providing increased string tension and contributing to its unique tonal characteristics.

3. H-Expander truss rod system: Hagstrom's patented H-Expander truss rod system is incorporated into the Super Viking. This system ensures neck stability, allows for precise adjustment, and helps maintain optimal playability.

4. Pickup configuration: The Super Viking typically features two humbucking pickups, such as the Hagstrom Custom 58 humbuckers. These pickups offer a versatile range of tones, from warm and smooth to powerful and dynamic.

5. Individual volume and tone controls: The guitar is equipped with separate volume and tone controls for each pickup. This allows players to fine-tune their sound and achieve a wide variety of tones.

6. Three-way pickup selector switch: The Super Viking includes a three-way pickup selector switch, enabling players to switch between the neck and bridge pickups, as well as a combination of both.

7. Tune-o-matic bridge: The Super Viking often comes equipped with a tune-o-matic bridge, which provides stable intonation and allows for easy adjustment of string height and intonation.

8. Stop tailpiece: The guitar typically features a stop tailpiece, which enhances sustain and resonance.

9. High-quality hardware: The Super Viking is known for its high-quality hardware, including durable tuners and other components that contribute to its overall performance and reliability.

10. Various finish options: The Super Viking is available in various finish options, allowing players to choose the aesthetic that suits their personal style.

It's important to note that specific features may vary depending on the year of production and any updates or limited-edition models released by Hagstrom. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, it's recommended to refer to the official Hagstrom website or consult authorized dealers.

Type Semi-Hollow Electric Guitars
Series Hagstrom Viking Series
Series Hagstrom Artist Project Series
Finish Gold Top
Body Wood Ply Maple
Body Top Contoured
Binding Multi-Ply
Neck Wood Canadian Hard Maple
Construction Set Neck - Mortise & Long Tenon
Neck Profile Ultra-Thin 17mm
Truss Rod H-Expander
Fretboard Resinator Wood, Radius of 15"
Frets 22 Medium Jumbo
Inlays Hagstrom Pearloid Block Inlays
Scale Length 24.75" (628 mm)
Nut GraphTech Black Tusq XL, Nut Width is 43mm
Machine Heads Diecast Hagstrom Design 18:1 Gear Ratio
Bridge Long-Throw Tune-O-Matic Bridge with Stop Tail Piece
Electronics Custom Bass-Cut Tone Circuit
Neck Pickup Hagstrom HJ-50 Humbucker
Bridge Pickup Hagstrom ‘58 Custom Humbucker
Pickup Selector 3-Way Toggle Switch
Controls 2 x Volume / 2 x Tone with Push/Pull Coil Splits
Unique Features Strings:D'Addario EXP 110 (10-46)
Comes with Hagstrom Hardshell Case in Tan Tolex with Hagstrom Logo


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