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Hagstrom Ultra Max Guitar in Golden Eagle Burst

Hagstrom Ultra Max Guitar in Golden Eagle Burst


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The Hagstrom Ultra Max guitar in Golden Eagle Burst is a high-quality electric guitar known for its stunning appearance and exceptional playability. It features a beautifully finished golden eagle burst color scheme, which gives it an eye-catching and luxurious look. The Ultra Max model is renowned for its versatile sound, thanks to its H-Expander truss rod and the custom-designed Hagstrom Custom 62 pickups. It's a guitar that offers both style and performance, making it a popular choice among musicians.

Custom 60 Pickups:
The Ultra Max guitar is equipped with specially wound Custom 60 humbucking pickups. These pickups utilize Nylon coated wire and an Alnico 5 magnet, reminiscent of the vintage "Custom 58" pickups. However, the Custom 60 pickups deliver a powerful punch and a hot sizzle that sets them apart from the vintage voiced Custom 58. Each pickup has its own independent Volume pot with the standard R/C circuit, allowing players to achieve cleaner tones with a simple adjustment. The single Master Tone control features a dual coil split, activated through a push/pull configuration, providing the ability to switch between "Full Humbucker Tilt" and "Spanky Single Coil Clean" tones instantly.

Drop Tunings, Flexibility, and Playability:
The Ultra Max guitar offers a blend of power, long sustain, clarity, and attack similar to the "Ultra Swede" model, while providing players with a fresh tonal range, increased flexibility, and comfortable playability with its compact body. The longer 25.50" scale length of the Ultra Max allows for easy handling of drop tunings, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a slightly slimmer body with a searing tone.

H-Expander Truss Rod:
All Hagstrom electric guitars and basses come equipped with the patented H-Expander truss rod. This truss rod runs the entire length of the neck, providing tension at both ends. Its rigid yet lightweight alloy construction allows for a low action and thin neck profile, making it a key element in establishing Hagstrom's reputation as a manufacturer of the world's fastest-playing guitars. The H-Expander not only ensures ultimate neck stability but also contributes to the unique tonal characteristics of Hagstrom instruments, including longer sustain and a round attack.

Sustain Block Tailpiece:
The distinctive Sustain Block Tailpiece developed by Hagstrom originated in 1976 and made its debut on the Swede and Super Swede guitars in 1978. It has since become a signature feature on many of their solid-body models. Each string on the guitar terminates in a single, massive brass block that is directly coupled to the guitar's body. The blocks are isolated from one another to minimize interference between the strings, maximizing the individual contribution of each string to the overall sound.

Set Neck:
Hagstrom employs various neck joints in their guitar range, with the set-neck design utilizing the classic Mortise and Tenon joint. This time-tested joint efficiently transfers string energy from the neck to the body and is typically found on higher-end custom-built guitars. Skilled craftsmen hand-carve each neck joint to ensure flawless execution of this traditional technique, which has been favored by luthiers for generations.

Resinator Wood:
Resinator wood is a composite material used by Hagstrom that offers superior density uniformity and stability compared to standard wood products. It eliminates dead spots or "wolf tones" that can sometimes occur on conventional wood fingerboards. Resinator wood produces a clear and articulate sound similar to high-quality ebony but without the issues associated with ebony. It adds higher overtones and harmonics that bring out the unique character of each note. Together with the H-Expander truss rod, Resinator wood contributes significantly to the distinctive "Hagstrom tone."

Hagstrom Machine Heads:
Hagstrom guitars feature machine heads with gear ratios of 18:1 or 15:1, designed by the company to ensure accurate tuning. The Viking and HB series basses utilize machine heads with a 17:1 gear ratio. These high-quality machine heads contribute to the overall reliability and stability of tuning on Hagstrom instruments.
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