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Peavey 6505 Series "6505 II" Reissue 120 Watt Amplifier Head

Peavey 6505 Series "6505 II" Reissue 120 Watt Amplifier Head


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To mark the 30th anniversary of one of the best and most imitated amps of all time, an amp that literally helped create an entire genre of music, Peavey is proud to launch the reissued 6505-II.

Contrary to much folklore since the amplifier's inception, the recipe has remained virtually unchanged. However, over the course of time, component suppliers have experienced changes of ownership and changes to their manufacturing processes, things which can ultimately influence tone and unit-to-unit consistency.

After countless hours of A/B comparisons, conversations with scores of users and artists, and deep dives into the amplifier at a component level, we discovered some items had drifted. In particular, one of the most important items: the output transformer. The changes over the years resulted in a mid-range that varied from amp to amp, so the purists here at Peavey decided to search for a solution. That led us to develop a top-secret output transformer, made in an undisclosed location to mimic the magical crushing tone of the original series.

Peavey’s classic high-gain legacy continues with the 6505 II. Like the original 6505 head, the 6505 II offers two channels. However, the 6505 II adds separate EQ, Resonance, and Presence controls to each channel, giving you more control and flexibility.

The new footswitch provides foot control of channel selection, effects loop and the newly added ability to select the Crunch feature. Now you can instantly obtain that extra gain in the Rhythm Channel with your foot and never have to take your hand off the guitar.

Finally, the Clean Channel has been added, completely redesigned to sound much cleaner and has one 12AX7 devoted to just the Clean/Crunch.


  • Six 12AX7 preamp and four 6L6GC power amp tubes
  • Two distinct tube channels with footswitch control
  • LED "active" indicators for each channel
  • Bright switch for Rhythm channel
  • Crunch switch on Rhythm channel with footswitch control
  • Separate equalizer sections for each channel
  • Separate power amp controls (Resonance and Presence) for each channel
  • Separate preamp controls (Pre and Post Gain) for each channel
  • Standby power switch
  • Bias test points on rear panel
  • E?ects loop with footswitch control
  • 1/4" Preamp output jack
  • Speaker impedance selection switch (4, 8, 16 ohm)
  • Two parallel 1/4" speaker output jacks
  • 120 watts output power
  • Metal three button footswitch with detachable 25’ cable
  • Universal AC Input Selector for worldwide use

This reissue is true to form cosmetically and sonically, going as far as returning to the plexiglass on the front of the 6505 II. Often imitated, our competitors have gone to great lengths to duplicate our success, but none are closer to the original than these. Peavey is proud to reissue this legendary amplifier, the 6505 series.

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