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Hagstrom offers a diverse range of electric guitars that blend vintage design elements with modern innovations. Here are some of the current models available:

1. Vintage Series:

  • Swede:

    • Features: Mahogany body and neck, Resinator fingerboard, custom 58 humbuckers.
    • Tone: Warm and full-bodied with excellent sustain.
  • Super Swede:

    • Features: Similar to the Swede but with a longer scale length for added brightness and clarity.
    • Tone: Versatile, suitable for various genres.
  • Viking:

    • Features: Semi-hollow body with maple top, back, and sides, Hagstrom's HJ-50 humbuckers.
    • Tone: Rich and resonant with enhanced midrange.
  • Viking Deluxe:

    • Features: Upgraded appointments like flame maple veneer and gold hardware.
    • Tone: Sophisticated and articulate.

2. Ultralux Series:

  • Ultra Swede:

    • Features: Lightweight basswood body, ultra-thin neck, Hagstrom's custom 62 humbuckers.
    • Tone: Fast, bright, and responsive.
  • Ultra Max:

    • Features: Mahogany body with a carved top, set neck, custom 60 humbuckers.
    • Tone: Thick and powerful with smooth sustain.

3. Retroscape Series:

  • Impala:

    • Features: Offset body shape, Retro-S pickups, vintage-inspired hardware.
    • Tone: Bright and jangly with a retro vibe.
  • Condor:

    • Features: Similar to the Impala with additional switching options for more tonal variety.
    • Tone: Versatile, suitable for a wide range of styles.

4. Fantomen Series:

  • Fantomen:
    • Features: Unique body shape, long scale length, Lundgren Design pickups.
    • Tone: Clear, punchy, and aggressive, developed in collaboration with the band Ghost.

5. Pat Smear Signature:

  • Pat Smear Signature:
    • Features: Based on the Hagstrom F-200, features a double-cutaway body, custom pickups.
    • Tone: Powerful and articulate, designed in collaboration with Pat Smear of Foo Fighters.

6. H Series:

  • H-II and H-III:
    • Features: Modern reissues of classic 1960s models, featuring updated electronics and improved playability.
    • Tone: Vintage-inspired with modern reliability.

Common Features:

  • Resinator Fingerboards: Consistent feel and enhanced sustain.
  • H-Expander Truss Rod: Thin neck profiles with robust stability.
  • Custom Pickups: Various models equipped with custom-wound pickups for unique tonal characteristics.


Hagstrom's current electric guitar lineup offers a blend of vintage charm and modern performance, catering to a wide range of musical styles and preferences. From the classic appeal of the Swede to the unique Fantomen, there's a Hagstrom guitar for every player

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